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Press Release  (August 30, 2021)

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Quotations for Media Use

Dr. Kyle Horton, Colorado State University

“The vast majority (80%) of birds in North America migrate at night, making it imperative to limit artificial light pollution for the conservation of migratory birds.”

Richard OBrien, Lights Out Colorado Program Chair, International Dark-sky Association

“We can help migratory birds and humans with a few simple actions.”

Ryan Parker, Colorado chapter Chair, International Dark-sky Association

"We are blessed to live in an amazing place - we should do our part to preserve, protect and honor that as Good Neighbors towards humans and nature.  Light Pollution is a real problem that can end overnight.  Let's turn off or fully shield those color correct temperature lights for safety, health, conservation of energy, heritage of Colorado's natural nights and landscapes now and for future generations."  Together Let's Do Better!“

Suzy Hiskey, Conservation Coordinator, Denver Audubon

“Turning lights out a few weeks each year is a simple action we can all take to help birds migrating through, to, and out of our city. With bird populations in North America reduced by 29% (3 billion birds) since 1970, birds need all the help they can get. Birds are a vital part of our health, economy, agriculture, and environment – from the homebound resident watching birds in their backyard, to the serious birder spending dollars traveling to and around Colorado, to the farmer whose crops are protected from insect infestations. We should do all we can to ensure birds survive and thrive.”

Peg Rooney, President, Arkansas Valley Audubon Society

"Light pollution is a leading cause of bird collisions with buildings and other structures. But, migrating birds that fly at night, also get disoriented by lights on our homes and in our neighborhoods leading to their deaths. The simple act of turning off our lights during spring and fall migrations will save millions of birds."

Sheila Webber, Education Chair, Fort Collins Audubon Society

"The Lights Out Colorado Initiative is such a win-win: striving for efficient, cost effective, healthier lighting for people and making the skies much safer for our migrating birds."

Zach Hutchinson, Community Science Coordinator, Audubon Rockies

“Shutting off lights and retrofitting reflective surfaces are two simple ways we can make our communities bird-friendly and continue to help limit the ongoing nosedive in bird populations across North America.”

Martie Semmer, IDA Colorado Western Region Coordinator 

“Turning off lights by midnight and shielding outdoor lights are two huge, yet simple practices during the fall and spring bird migration seasons that can significantly reduce light pollution and help migratory birds to safely navigate the night sky—therefore, contributing to the health of birds and inter-connected ecosystems. Imagine the increased well-being of humans, flora and fauna if we Coloradans made a habit of Lights Out Colorado practices throughout the year.”